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sales post

Hello hello hello!!! I've just moved into a new place so have a couple of things I'd like to be rid of. All I've ever done with albums I've bought is put them into my laptop and then put them on a shelf neglected, so someone else may as well get use out of them.

sorry in advance about the formatting this is just a super quick post;
if you want to see any more pictures that's completely fine just let me know;
I'll use Royal Mail to estimate shipping and will stick to the estimate;
payment only via PayPal please

Boku no Miteiru Fukei / Arashi £8 plus p+p
僕の見ている風景 [2CD] / 嵐 [2CD]
First Press (first press detail: book with lyrics)
There's a little mark on it which I'm really annoyed about. ):

To Anyone / 2NE1 £5 plus p+p
I haven't removed any of the photos/postcards.

Big Bang t-shirt / UNIQLO x Big Bang £3 plus p+p
I've worn this only a couple of times because I have another one that fits me better.

p.s I also have Arashi All the Best! 1999-2009 Limited Edition which I wasn't going to sell but if you're interested and give a good price I'll probably sell that too.
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